Once an evaluation is scheduled, clients or their parents are instructed to complete questionnaires (see Download Forms below) prior to the first appointment. Having these questionnaires at the beginning makes the evaluation more efficient.           
  Parents can explain to their children at an age appropriate level that the evaluation is a chance to look at their strengths and weaknesses in order to build skills in certain areas if necessary.

Clients should get a good night’s sleep the night before each testing appointment and be well nourished. Please bring eyeglasses and hearing aids if applicable.

Regularly prescribed medication should also be taken.
Download Forms
Please print out, complete, and fax or mail the background questionnaire prior to the first appointment.

There is one form for children and adolescents and a separate form for adults. A Mutual Exchange of Information form is also included here for download. This form gives Dr. Waldman permission to exchange information with designated professionals involved in the client's care and education. One way release of information can also be specified by the client or legal guardian.

The forms are in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format and are password protected to open (password is obtained upon scheduling evaluation).

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here »
Mutual Exchange of Information
Background Questionaire - Child & Adolescent
Background Questionaire - Adult
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