A neuropsychological evaluation is recommended in a variety of circumstances:
Academic difficulties with or without a known origin (e.g. learning disability diagnosis)
» Poor grades inconsistent with expected ability
» Academic task avoidance
» Attention problems
» Poor organization and study skills
» School avoidance
Emotional/behavioral problems at school and/or at home
» May have subtle underlying cause not yet identified (e.g. learning deficit or emotional issues)
» Understanding how psychiatric disorders affect functioning at home, school, and in the community
Establish a baseline of functioning to evaluate potential future changes as well as identify impairments associated with the following conditions.
» Neurological conditions
     - Epilepsy
     - Brain tumor
» Brain injury
     - Accident, stroke, infection of the brain
Medical conditions with potential neurological implications
» Diabetes
» Certain genetic disorders (e.g. PKU)
» Treatment of childhood cancer (e.g. Leukemia)
A neuropsychological evaluation is not indicated in every situation in which a child or young adult has problems in school or other areas. It is often utilized when an individual’s difficulties are not well understood, interventions have been unsuccessful or misguided, and parents are left frustrated and confused.
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